Cossmass Infinities 3 – Suicide is Painless | Cossmass Productions

Cossmass Infinities 3 – Suicide is Painless | Cossmass Productions

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Parental Guidance

Written by Don Norum
Read by Paul W Campbell

Lucia got up out of bed and stood naked in front of the mirror to examine her body in the dim light. Alexander Perez pushed the sheets down to his waist and sat up on his elbows, watching the gentle bulge of neuroptic interface clusters beneath her skin, sockets glinting like diamonds as they caught the gentle glow from the edges of the ceiling. She held her arms out straight from her sides and worked them through their range of motion.

First the fingers on her right hand, then left. From there on up to the wrists, the jewels in the palms of her hands spinning in small circles as her exercises moved up to her forearms.

“I was awake for the procedure, you know,” she said to the gloom. “It was an odd feeling, to have my flesh sliced open and the circuits put in, little antiseptic globs of plastic bonded to my bones to keep them in place. I could feel them itching as they knit around the anchor posts – it was worst in the lower back and hands.”

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