Cossmass Infinities 5 – Half-Breed | Cossmass Productions

Cossmass Infinities 5 – Half-Breed | Cossmass Productions

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Written by Jo Thomas
Read by Paul W Campbell

After she had run to the end of the beach, she walked down to the water. With her hands in her pockets, she pursued the waves up and down, following the water as it was pulled away, walking away and back up the beach as it came in. A simple game, even childish, but she was no longer child-like enough to commit herself fully to it. There were no more squeals of pleasure or excited dashes for her in human form.

As Alex stopped in her dejection, a wave broke gently over her shoes. She looked down at the water, almost dazed enough by her emotions to forget why she stood there. She turned and walked up to the top of the beach, passed the high water mark. A flutter of movement up on the path caught her eye and she looked up. There was Olsen, his overcoat flapping in the sea breeze, brief-case in hand. She could not quite see his expression, but his stance was relaxed. For a moment, she allowed herself the illusion that someone out there did care about her.

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Ident: Bob Souer with The Lords of War from StudioMig (Podsafe Music Network)

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